Fulin mining machine talks about the significance of beneficiation


The significance of beneficiation can be analyzed from the following three aspects:

①In terms of technology, the development of technology and industry has higher and higher requirements for the quality of mineral raw materials. The direct mining of raw ore often fails to meet the standard, and the processing of raw ore can meet the requirements. In Bijia, when the content of sulfur and phosphorus in iron ore is high, the pig iron smelted becomes brittle. At this time, the beneficiation process to reduce the content of sulfur and phosphorus is necessary; the iron concentrate for the production of magnetic materials is sometimes required to have a silicon content of less than 0.4 %, such super concentrates must be beneficiated. The list goes on. Ore beneficiation is becoming more and more a necessary part of mineral processing;

② From an economic perspective, beneficiation can bring economic benefits to mines, concentrators and smelters. For example, a small iron concentrator processes 32% of Taiwanese iron ore to produce 65% iron ore concentrate, and produces 35,000 tons of iron orange ore each year, which can make a profit of nearly one million yuan; a certain non-ferrous metal smelting f- will The copper draft ore grade is increased by 1%, and 3135t more blister copper can be produced annually, which is quite profitable; if an iron smelter increases the iron ore fines grade by 1%, the blast furnace pig iron output can be increased by 2.5%, and the coke ratio can be reduced by 1.5. %, limestone saves 4% to 5%, and the economic benefits are significant;

③The application of beneficiation technology can also turn waste into treasure and comprehensively recover various valuable components. For example, the waste fly ash from thermal power plants, which is piled up and occupies land and causes environmental pollution, is a major problem of power plants. The beneficiation of fly ash can produce iron ore glass beads and cement ingredients. Kind of useful products. The beneficiation technology has been applied in the metallurgy, coal, chemical, building materials and environmental protection sectors, which is of great significance to the development of the national economy.

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